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Zimbabwe urged to allow lawyers to work freely

File photo: Lawyers protesting in Harare

The international Bar Association (IBA) which is the world’s leading organisation of legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies says independent legal system is key in efficient judiciary systems.

Launching a report chronicling the trials & tribulations of Zimbabwean lawyers, IBA called on the state to allow lawyers to practice without interference.

“We urge Zim authorities to embrace & accept the critical recommendations & allow lawyers to do their work without hindrance & interference,” says IBA.

In his opening remarks at the international conference on attacks on Zim lawyers, IBA president Sternford Moyo said an independent legal profession is a critical support system to Magistrates & Judges.

Apparently, the Zimbabwean government is known for harassing lawyers especially those representing opposition parties and their members.

At one the lawyers in the country had to demonstrate in the streets of Harare demanding an end to their harassment.


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Author: Shakespeare Muzavazi