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Why I just bought some shares of Apple Stock – Dr Boyce Watkins

Apple is launching new products tomorrow, and I expect it to be a big day for the company. Apple recently found itself in court with Epic games over the way it charges for product placement on its app.

This legal setback is likely to have a tiny impact on the stock, due to the fact that Apple possesses a tremendous amount of brand loyalty and pricing power.

According to CNBC:

Apple is holding its annual iPhone launch event on Tuesday.
Apple’s hype-filled, expensively produced fall launches are a signature of the company going back over a decade.
While Apple hasn’t commented on what it plans to release, analysts, reports and past release cycles suggest new iPhones, AirPods and Apple Watch models are coming.

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More on the Apple launch:

Apple is holding its annual iPhone event on Tuesday, the company’s seventh virtual launch in a row due to the pandemic.

The company is expected to introduce new iPhones and updates to its AirPods and Apple Watch, according to analysts.

Apple’s hype-filled fall launches are a signature of the company. They garner worldwide media attention, millions of viewers on YouTube and Apple’s website, and set the stage for a holiday season marketing blitz when Apple’s sales are highest.

All of Apple’s product segments have been on a tear this year as people work from home. Last quarter, iPhone revenue was up 50% year over year, while Mac and iPad revenues were up 16% and 12%, respectively, over the period. Its “other products” business, which includes devices like watches and AirPods, was up 40% year over year. Apple can keep the momentum going with a fresh slate of new products ahead of the holidays.

Last year due to Covid, Apple revealed its new watches in September and then followed with an October iPhone 12 event. The iPhone 12 introduced an all-new design and 5G.

New iPads and MacBooks Pro laptops are due for an update this fall, too. It’s unclear whether Apple will pack all of its fall launches into one release event or if it will spread them out.

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