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Watch out: Bill Collectors can now follow you on Instagram

Bill collectors can now hunt you down on social media – Dr Boyce Watkins.

Apparently, debt collectors have new rights that involve sliding into your DMs and hunting you down on social media.

According to USA Today, bill collectors are getting serious:

Debt collectors have a variety of ways to contact you, and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau added a new way for them to reach you: social media.

Don’t worry, debt collectors won’t be able to comment on your posts or write up something for the public to see. But according to a release from the CFPB Tuesday, they now can privately message you on social media.

The debt collectors must clearly identify themselves, and they also must include a way for you to stop receiving their messages, basically providing a mechanism to opt out.

Changes to integrate modern technological communication methods into the CFPB have been over a year in the making. In October 2020, Kathleen Kraninger, director of the CFPB at the time, announced in a blog post that the agency was making upgrades to the capabilities of debt collectors.