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Want Black Men Back in the Black Church?

It’s no secret that men in general, black men in particular, are leaving many places and 2 of the most impactful are college and church.

Today was discuss whether or not the church wants black men back and if so what needs to change to make that happen.

J.D. Smith is a Tech Investor, Author, and Economist. He is the Founder of Visionary Creative International, a Tech-Based Consumer Solutions Company. He is also the Publisher for Black Media Daily, a 24/7 media outlet providing a voice for black content creators and a place to control their image throughout the Diaspora. J.D. is also the co-author of the book 100 Questions Black People Should Ask themselves, and a best-selling author of the book Made By Hustle. As a digital nomad, he promotes the importance of black travel and working from anywhere.