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This stock had an amazing 100,000% return! – Dr Boyce Watkins

Today, I talk about the greatest stocks over the last decade. One of the stocks had an ROI of over 100,000 percent. There are a few other stocks that did very well that you might know about.

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Most stocks don’t have such a massive return in such a short period of time, but the stock market has been incredibly strong over the last decade, particularly with the fed putting so much quantitative easing into play. This started during the stock market crash of 2007, where the federal reserve became heavily involved in the shifting of asset prices.

This leads some experts to predict not only that there is going to be out of control inflation, but that the stock market is in for a major correction.

About Dr Boyce Watkins:

Boyce Watkins, PhD is a Finance professor and founder of The Black Business School. He served on the Finance faculty at Syracuse University for 13 years and has taught finance at The University of Kentucky, Indiana University, The Ohio State University, in China, and in Europe as well.

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