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This could spell big problems for Apple on product launch day

It turns out that Apple has some major problems with security that are overshadowing the product launch that Apple has planned for today.

Apple is planning to launch a new set of updates for its flag ship products, but there are reports that the company is going to have to make major adjustments for challenges facing in both cyber security and supply chain.

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As it has nearly every September for over a decade, Apple is preparing to unveil its newest slate of iPhones, the 13th generation overall and the second with 5G capabilities. And while analysts aren’t expecting a massive redesign of the flagship phone, increased processing power and improved cameras are among the anticipated features.

Lurking in the background of this year’s event, though, are dark clouds that threaten to impede the mountainous sunrise Apple has chosen to represent “California Streaming.” For one, the event comes less than 24 hours after Apple was forced to rush-fix a security gap that has allowed NSO Group, an Israeli cybersecurity firm, to silently infect iPhones using iMessage since February. Apple in a statement said attacks using the flaw “are highly sophisticated, cost millions of dollars to develop, often have a short shelf life and are used to target specific individuals,” meaning they are not a threat to the majority of users. Still, security experts cautioned that people should update their devices immediately.

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Additionally, as much as executives likely want to avoid discussing how nearly 18 months of supply chain issues have impacted the company, they may be forced to — in the form of higher prices. Apple tends to keep the cost of new phones relatively close to previous models, but chip shortages and other logistical hurdles are expected to cause a bump. A basic iPhone 12 currently starts at $799, while the more advanced iPhone 12 Pro starts at $999.

On a conference call with investors and analysts in July, CEO Tim Cook said Apple is “paying more for freight than I would like to pay,” and noted that it’s unclear how long supply constraints will last. “We’ll do everything we can to mitigate whatever set of circumstances we’re dealt,” he said.

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