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The Wall Street Journal exposes Facebook’s unethical practices

The Wall Street Journal just wrote an incredibly scathing series of articles about Facebook and the way the company does business.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is aware of it does not care about the damage that social media does to the minds of teenage girls.

It also operates in a manner that is considered highly unethical when it comes to choosing who the censor and who not to censor. According to the Wall Street Journal Facebook has an elite group of people that it doesn’t censor no matter what they say.

According to CNBC:

Facebook spent the weekend on the defensive after a series of stories in the Wall Street Journal last week exposed just how far the company has gone to prioritize profits over the health and safety of its billions of users.

It’s a familiar pattern to those who have followed the social-networking giant over the past few years. Troubling anecdotes about Facebook and the behavior of its leaders get published by a major news outlet, followed by a firestorm of criticism and threats by lawmakers to regulate the company and to call top executives before Congress