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The Global Debt Trend Will Increase Poverty | The People’s Talk Show

The Global Debt Trend Continues As The World Approaches $300 Trillion. China’s Evergrande is having a debt issue that will shock the world. At the same time, Biden is looking to add $3.5 Trillion to the National Debt. The common factor in the destruction of the financial system is "DEBT".

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J.D. Smith is a Tech Investor, Author, and Economist. He is the Founder of Visionary Creative International, a Tech-Based Consumer Solutions Company. He is also the Publisher for Black Media Daily, a 24/7 media outlet providing a voice for black content creators and a place to control their image throughout the Diaspora. J.D. is also the co-author of the book 100 Questions Black People Should Ask themselves, and a best-selling author of the book Made By Hustle. As a digital nomad, he promotes the importance of black travel and working from anywhere.


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