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Temenos Banking Cloud – The ultimate SaaS offering for banks

Temenos Banking Cloud lets banks self-provision the most complete services in the industry at the click of a button.

This ground-breaking solution makes it simple for financial organisations to launch new products in just a few days – which  is a ground breaking first for the industry.

Temenos Banking Cloud achieves this by leveraging a comprehensive sandbox for fast innovation, as well as the Temenos MarketPlace for fintech collaboration – all of which is powered by a new AI-enabled engine that quickly drives business growth. In addition, its function rich global banking services make it simple for an organisation to consume the services they need when they need them.

“The Temenos Banking Cloud is for both digital-first banks that want to launch in weeks as well as large or complex banks that want to acquire distinct capabilities, launch products fast, and progressively migrate customer bases that are serviced by legacy systems,” said Temenos CEO Max Chuard.

“We are putting banks in control of their business models and innovation cycles, giving them the agility and speed to build great customer products and profitable businesses.”

Core features

Temenos Banking Cloud is built upon four key tools that combine to form the ultimate cloud banking solution.

  • Self-service portal – This portal is powered by an AI engine and provides access to the Temenos Banking Cloud Platform, so that banks can launch new products and access other tools easily.
  • Banking services – Distinct banking services that are market-leading, function rich and cover all sectors, designed to work alongside your existing systems.
  • Sandbox – The Temenos sandbox is an immediate and responsive way to discover and explore new ideas.
  • MarketPlace – Temenos MarketPlace is a curated collection of services that banks can use to extend their existing customer solutions.

These tools build upon Temenos’s years of experience in providing banking solutions across over 150 countries – including South Africa.

For example, Canada’s first digital-only challenger bank, EQ Bank, turned to Temenos SaaS to provide easy scaling to meet customer demand.

EQ Bank has been able to grow deposits much faster and at a lower cost than would otherwise have been possible, and this has resulted in tangible benefits to its customers.

“With The Temenos Banking Cloud, we can accelerate our business growth and benefit from unlimited innovation through the Sandbox and Temenos MarketPlace capabilities,” said EQ Bank Chief Information Officer Dan Dickinson.

Other recognisable banks that have partnered with Temenos to build powerful banking solutions include HSBC, Bank of Shanghai, and Standard Bank.

Contact Temenos today to join the banking revolution.

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