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Take Charge of Your Child’s Education With Tutoring From The Brainery

It’s back to school time! Make sure your children have all the tools and individualized attention they need to succeed this school year with tutoring and more from The Brainery

The Brainery is an academic tutoring company that provides support for students in Grades K-Adult. Whether you’re looking for a quality homeschooling program or after-school tutoring The Brainery supports all types of students at all levels with a fun, student-centered approach that keeps kids engaged and gets results.

According to The Brainery, tutoring is for every student, not just those who are struggling. 

“Tutoring is for everybody,” said The Brainery co-founder Ana Gutierrez. “As an educator, I’ve seen tutoring help students when it comes to anxiety, confidence, and ability. I don’t want there to be a stigma about getting assistance. Everybody needs help and we definitely want to give our children the tools they need to be successful.”

The company is a passion project of two longtime educators, Gutierrez and Dana Green. Together, the women have 25 years worth of experience, primarily working with special needs students. Both women had separate tutoring businesses but joined forces after COVID-19 changed the educational landscape. 

“COVID was a catalyst for us. At that moment, as educators, we realized that parents were scrambling to help their students, and as special education educators we understood the value of small groups,” Green said. “We’ve created a very successful model. We pair the students with the teachers. So educators and students are not scrambling to find each other.”

The Brainery offers virtual tutoring, group classes, and a full-year homeschool program. The D.C. area business also offers some in-person options for local students. The Brainery enjoys constant praise from parents who say their commitment to student success is like none other.

“The most important part of our process is talking with the parents to find out what the need is so we can pair them with academic coaches who can address what their student’s needs are,” Green said. “Parents always text me about how they love the personalized attention that the student receives. I’ve even had tutors attend parent-teacher conferences to align with what’s going on in the classroom.”

Where finances are concerned, The Brainery promises that its services are affordable for almost everyone and that they have structured their pricing to ensure that most single-income households can afford its services. 

“We don’t cut corners and I don’t think you should cut corners with your child’s education,” Gutierrez said.

If you’re looking to have the educators at The Brainery help your child reach their full potential, fill out an intake form or schedule a free consultation call today. This initial call will help you learn more about The Brainery’s services and give you an opportunity to communicate your student’s needs. From there, The Brainery does its magic, selecting the tutor that’s just right for your student. 

Learn more about how The Brainery can help your student.

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