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Samia Gore’s Vegan Weight Loss Supplement To Be Sold in Vitamin Shoppe

Samia Gore’s own weight loss journey as a mother led to the creation of her company, Body Complete Rx.

Gore is the founder and CEO of  Body Complete Rx (BCRX), “a self-funded wellness brand which has grossed over $10 million in sales in just under 4 years,” according to a press release.

The company’s TRIM line—“exclusive plant-based, vegan weight management supplements”–will launch at The Vitamin Shoppe on August 1st in over 700 retail locations nationwide.

The creation of Gore’s successful company is rooted in her own pursuit of wellness.

“In 2014 after having my fourth child, in which I gained a considerable amount of weight, I felt my lowest. I had let myself become less of a priority and my health was suffering the consequences. I decided to set out on a — publicly documented — weight loss journey to lose nearly 80 pounds, in which I also made the decision to publicly share my ‘Mommy Makeover’ journey, which quickly advanced into a following of like-minded women and men,” Gore told Authority Magazine.



Boost Metabolism Drops, Control Appetite Suppressant Capsules, and Renew Energy Drops are included in the TRIM line. BCRX is set to become the “first Black female-owned brand to launch in the retailer’s weight management category,” according to the announcement.

“We are so excited to be launching at one of the top retailers of nutritional supplements in the country because it’s a true testament to the efficacy of our brand and products,” Gore said. “As the first and only Black female-owned brand in The Vitamin Shoppe’s weight management category, I am excited to make these wellness products more accessible to customers across the country and support their journey toward wellbeing.”

Gore explained that she started providing information about her “personal routine, like the organic ingredients” she utilized to support her “weight management.”

“These tips and tricks, specific to my own journey, continued to catch the attention of the aforementioned audience and from that BODY Complete Rx was born,” Gore told Authority Magazine. .



Click here to locate BCRX’s website.

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