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NFL star educates young entertainer about wasting money on jewelery

According to XXL:

YK Osiris has some jokes for former NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco after Chad clowned the crooner for paying over a quarter-million dollars for a pair of diamond earrings.

On Monday (Nov. 22), YK showed the appraisal amount of earrings and shared that they are worth $325,000. On Friday (Nov. 26), Ochocinco, who has openly talked about wearing fake jewelry during his playing days in the past, commented on the purchase on Twitter.

"I got the same earrings for $10 from Claire’s," Ocho tweeted.

The "Worth It" singer hopped on social media on Saturday (Nov. 27) and fired back at the former pass catcher.

"Ochococo talking ’bout, ‘I got the same earrings.’ That’s cool," YK started. "To any kids out there watching this, to any folks that out there that’s looking up to me, I don’t advise you to ever pay that type of money for any type of jewelry, ever. Don’t ever say I told you that. But what I will tell you is that, do what the fuck you want to do with your money with your life. ’Cause guess what? If you broke or rich who gotta deal with that? You gotta deal with that."

He continued, "Don’t let no Ochococo come up on Instagram talking ’bout he went to Claire’s and got $10 earrings. Hey, I salute you brother. I’m not saying that’s even wrong. It’s your life and that’s your money. Do what you want to do with it. Ochococo mind your mutha….And I’m still rich bitch. Mind your business. Stay in your business. You can hit my DM, you ain’t got to do all that capping for Instagram, man."