Curators of Black Media | WATCH | ‘I thank God for the gift of life’ – 101-year-old gets vaccine after surviving Covid-19

  • A KwaZulu-Natal woman who survived Covid-19 has now been vaccinated.
  • Chithekile MaGumede Hlabisa, 101, thanked God and her family for her resilience and strength.
  • Sadly, she lost her daughter to Covid-19, but encouraged other elderly people to get their jab.

A KwaZulu-Natal woman who survived Covid-19 has received her vaccination against the deadly virus, and says she thanks God for her resilience.

“I’d like to thank God for the gift of life, especially because I tend to get very ill from time to time. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me,” said Chithekile MaGumede Hlabisa.

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She received her jab after the City of uMhlathuze visited her following her battle with Covid-19.

Hlabisa, who lives in Ward 1 near Mzingazi area was hospitalised for a week in Ngwelezana Hospital after contracting the deadly coronavirus earlier this year.

101-year-old Chithekile MaGumede Hlabisa received

101-year-old Chithekile MaGumede Hlabisa received her Covid-19 vaccine after fighting off the virus earlier this year.


She battled for her life but, despite her advanced age, pulled through.

After undergoing all necessary steps to recovery, she is now in good state of health.

Sadly, one of her daughters, Nelisiwe Hlabisa, who also contracted the virus, succumbed to it.

Hlabisa was thankful to her family for their support.

“I thank God for my daughter, who the Lord has tasked to bring me here. Where I stay, I stay alone. I’m just left with my son.”

She also encouraged other elderly people to get their vaccine and not to be afraid.

“I’d advise other elderly people to go get vaccinated, so they can be protected [from the virus]. When I contracted Covid-19, it was very difficult, but by the grace of God I recovered.”

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Asked about what keeps her going, Hlabisa said it was her belief in God.

She said she had been “waiting patiently for the vaccine”.


“Having survived Covid-19 and being hospitalised for this virus can be a scary episode. I was happy to hear that now we are vaccinating. All people of my age and younger than me should take the vaccination as soon as possible. I was afraid a bit about it, but upon getting more information about it, I wanted to take it as soon as it arrives.”

City of uMhlathuze Mayor Mduduzi Mhlongo said he was happy that Hlabisa survived Covid-19.

“Her resilience is encouraging to everyone that we can indeed defeat this pandemic as long as we follow all the government protocols of firstly acceding to taking the vaccine, especially those who are 60 years of age and above.”

Mhlongo also encouraged all elderly citizens to vaccinate.

“In the City of uMhlathuze we have more than 20 vaccine sites and some senior citizens will be vaccinated in their homes. We urge all people to take this opportunity and vaccinate as this is for now, the only medical measure to prevent this pandemic.”

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