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Multichoice launches DStv Internet in South Africa

Multichoice has launched DStv Internet, a fixed wireless access service that offers internet services using a SIM card and Wi-Fi router.

According to Multichoice, the service is targeting users who do not have fibre in their residential area but want to access the internet regularly using various devices in their home.

DStv customers will also be able to choose from bundled offerings that include data options with their DStv subscription package, allowing them to stream content on any internet-connected device, it said.

Multichoice said that there are three monthly data products to choose from:

  • 25 Gigabyte (GB) Anytime and 25 Gigabyte (GB) Night-time data.
  • 110 Gigabyte (GB) Anytime and 110 Gigabyte (GB) Night-time data.
  • 220 Gigabyte (GB) Anytime and 220 Gigabyte (GB) Night-time data.

No pricing was provided.

The product also includes a new service called DStv Trusted Home, described as an “AI-driven network security and Wi-Fi management solution” – developed jointly by Multichoice’s digital platform security subsidiary Irdeto and Minim.

Multichoice said that the app will allow users to:

  • Manage their data usage through running speed tests and managing data consumption.
  • Access parental controls to make sure that children are not spending too much time in front of their screens and set limits accordingly.
  • Review and approve connection requests. In addition to this, the app will also block attacks and malicious websites. The AI protects every device on the home network, it said.

The DStv Trusted Home app is only available for use with DStv Internet routers and these routers are included in the bundle and contract offerings, Multichoice said.

Multichoice said that customers will be able to purchase DStv Internet online at or at DStv walk-in centres across South Africa.

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