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Michael Che Makes Light Of Larry Nassar’s Sexual Abuse Of Simone Biles, Then Claims He Was Hacked

Comedian Michael Che is facing backlash for making light of the sexual abuse allegations involving Larry Nassar, the former team doctor for the United States women’s national gymnastics team who was found guilty of sexually abusing Simone Biles and other female gymnasts. 

According to Newsweek, Che found himself in controversy after he went to Instagram to announce that he is planning to unveil some jokes about Biles, who withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics this week for mental health reasons.

“Man, I wanna make fun of Simone Biles,” the comedian wrote on Instagram Stories. “I got like 3 mins of Simone Biles jokes in my head. I’m going to the [Comedy Cellar club] tonight to say them into a microphone. As the dorky kids say, I’m choosing violence.”

Che then shared some of the responses he received from his followers.

“Larry Nassar understands Simone Biles better than anyone,” one social media user wrote in response. “He too had to quit doing what he loved at the pinnacle of his career because of mounting pressure.”

That’s when the Saturday Night Live comedian amplified the tasteless joke.

“G###### that’s rough. Absolutely tasteless. 9/10,” he wrote.

As social media users immediately responded with backlash, Che claimed to be hacked.

“Mannnnn, i got hacked today. Can’t believe they got me,” he wrote. “Y’all know I only do jokes about whites and cops. S’all good now I changed my password and everything . . . Anyway, y’all hear about DaBaby tho? That’s crazy. Iight. See y’all in church. Imma get there early.”

Self-described gender justice advocate Farrah Khan is among those who is now calling for NBC and HBO to cut ties with the comedian.

“Larry Nassar sexually assaulted over 300 gymnasts including Simone Biles. Jokes about this immense violence are never okay. @hbomax @nbcsnl why is Michael Che still on your roster?” Khan wrote. 

Many more are demanding NBC to fire Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update” anchor.

While Che claimed to be hacked, social media users didn’t buy the excuse.

In 2017, Nassar was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison on child pornography charges, CNN reported.

He was also later sentenced to 175 years in a Michigan state prison after pleading guilty to seven counts of criminal sexual conduct. The 156 victims who testified against the disgraced doctor said they were sexually assaulted when they went to Nassar to receive treatment for sports injuries. 

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