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Howard University students living in tents -dorms have mold and rodents

Howard University students living in tents -dorms have mold and rodents.

#HowardUniversity has a major health problem and it’s students are protesting.

According to NPR, #Howard has a problem that many #HBCU campuses don’t seem to have.

Going into their second week of sit-ins, students at Howard University in Washington, D.C., are continuing to fight for answers from the campus administration as they protest the school’s poor housing conditions.

A top Howard official says the school has worked with student leaders to "provide a best-in-class university experience."

More than 150 students with the group Live Movement, an organization advocating for education reform and academic advancement, began protesting at the school’s Blackburn University Center on Oct. 12.

Protesters at Howard, one of the nation’s top historically black colleges, are demanding an in-person town hall with university President Wayne A.I. Frederick by the end of the month to address concerns about housing and student life.

Students who are protesting say they will not leave the building until campus officials agree to discuss their list of demands.