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Dr. Doraine Baul-Pinson Opens Up About Black Mental Health and Illness: Black Doctor’s Talk Podcast

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Join us on this week’s Black Doctors Talk Podcast which features our guest, Dr. Doraine Baul-Pinson. Dr. Baul-Pinson speaks to us on the topics of mental health and mental illness, her connection with mental illness, and the lack of diversity among mental health professionals. Dr. Baul-Pinson is currently an adjunct professor at various universities. She is in private practice as a licensed independent mental health practitioner and clinical supervisor.

During the podcast, Dr. Baul-Pinson shares how as a child she did not see Black professional in the mental health arena, while being exposed to family members who displayed behavior that she now understands to be mental illness. Historically in the Black community, the diagnoses of mental health and illness have not been prevalent or popular. Dr. Baul-Pinson discusses the importance of everyone, specifically Black America, seeking appropriate mental health support when needed whether it be temporary or more long term service based on the determination of a professional. She also shares the difference in her role as a clinical supervisor which supports those who desire to be a mental professional not only on the skill but also the business aspects of the work. While most of her work has involved families where parental mental health disorders proved challenging to these parents, the heaviness proved to be taxing leading her to work with military veterans in a less demanding role.

Dr. Baul-Pinson possesses a doctorate degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Counseling from Capella University. She received her master’s degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma, and her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Dr. Baul-Pinson collaborates with probation services to provide counseling, education, and groups and also works on community projects such as support groups and mediation for restorative justice.

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