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Corruption accused Billy Rautenbach treated as gvt’s First Son, ZANU-PF to pay price during elections- Temba Mliswa

Norton independent Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa has warned that the ruling party, ZANU-PF will pay the price for entertaining corruption accused Billy Rautenbach giving him favours as if he were government’s First Son.

“Billy Rautenbach is clearly creating more enemies for ZANU-PF.

“In Chisumbanje he was trying to take land from the locals and with Joshua Nkomo Co-op, he was trying the same,” says Mliswa.

He says trying to appease the minority at the expense of the majority will certainly see the Party pay the price come elections. People can’t tolerate a “Black Rhodesia.”

“Billy is just looking to be fraudulently compensated, he’s always receiving favours. He seems to be the Govt’s First Son.

“Let him benefit from Govt if that’s their plan, but you won’t go anywhere. Stay calm, everything is under control. Touch not the anointed,” he says.

Meanwhile, Rautenbach is believed to be President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s close ally.


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