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Convert your DSL to Axxess Fibre and get R1,000

While DSL has been a functioning part of the Internet age for many years, there are now better solutions for Internet connectivity, such as Fibre.

DSL connectivity is being phased out, and Openserve is in the process of removing DSL copper lines in certain areas as copper cables are susceptible to theft, and are quite costly to replace.

“We want to switch our DSL clients to Fibre well in advance, so that they don’t get left without Internet,” said Axxess.

“This is why Axxess will give qualifying clients R1,000 for simply converting their DSL to Fibre.”

How to convert

To convert, you need to visit the Axxess website – then you must click on ‘Fibre’, select ‘Convert My DSL’, and type in your address to check if Openserve is available for your area.

After selecting Openserve Fibre, the next step is choosing a suitable package – type in your DSL number (Example: 012 498 3217), complete additional information and then proceed to checkout.

Even if your DSL is not with Axxess, you can type your active DSL number after following the conversion steps and the same results will still be yielded.

Axxess will then automatically start the process of converting you to Ultra-Fast Fibre.

Upon your Axxess Fibre service’s activation, you will receive R1,000 in the form of a cash card that can be used wherever Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

As an added benefit, when you choose Axxess Fibre, you get free installation, a free router, and pay no connection fee.

You’ll also be saving more than R200 per month if you cancel your Telkom Landline, because there’s no need for a landline when you switch to Fibre.

Axxess will even add a free VoIP number and R50 CallTime per month at no extra charge.

Why Fibre?

Fibre Internet gives you more capacity for when there are multiple people using the line on numerous devices over WiFi.

A faster line also means you can do more on the Internet than you were able to before.

Join the Fibre revolution and let Axxess help you convert seamlessly to the world of Uncapped Fibre – the best of the Internet without any hassles.

Simply click here and type in your address to check if Openserve Fibre is available in your area!

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