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*BioBAT to Receive $50M From City’s Expanded LifeSci NYC Investment*

Photo Courtesy of Tory Williams

July 20, 2021 – Brooklyn, NY – New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) announced a $50 million investment in life sciences at BioBAT to expand their lab space as part of the city’s LifeSci NYC initiative. NYCEDC and BioBAT officials toured the space that will receive funding to build new labs at BioBAT located at the Brooklyn Army Terminal.

NYCEDC and BioBAT officials tour space that will receive $50 million LifeSci NYC investment

BioBAT, Inc. is a partnership created by the Research Foundation for SUNY, on behalf of Downstate Health Sciences University and NYCEDC. BioBAT works to support the advancement of the life science industry in New York City by providing facilities and resources for scientific research and advanced manufacturing at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. A focus of BioBAT’s mission is to attract and retain promising research firms and develop a skilled 21st Century workforce. 

BioBAT’s mission is to:  

  • Foster the growth of the life sciences industry and create jobs 
  • Offer best-in-class research and manufacturing space to biotechnology and related companies 
  • Provide opportunities to work with SUNY Downstate scientists, clinicians, and students 
  • Engage the broader community through entrepreneurship, workforce development, and educational programs. 

“New York City is making a $1 billion commitment to the life sciences industry — bringing jobs and promise across the city,” said NYCEDC President and CEO Rachel Loeb. “We are proud that our investment in BioBAT at the Brooklyn Army Terminal will continue to attract talent and life science companies, positioning New York City as a global leader in life science research and innovation.”  

“These major investments in advancing the life sciences agenda of New York City and specifically BioBAT will be of inestimable value in enhancing and fulfilling our City’s aspirations to be the leader in this space and serve as an ‘attractor’ to national and international life scientists, investors and developers,” said Dr. Wayne Riley, chair of BioBAT Board and President of SUNY Downstate Medical Center. “This impactful commitment to invest in infrastructure will greatly enhance and further develop our research platforms to contribute to the post pandemic economic recovery.” 

“Thanks to the continued support of NYCEDC toward developing biotech in Brooklyn, these funds will enable BioBAT to build additional research labs and manufacturing space for successful companies,” said Dr. Eva Cramer, President of BioBAT and Vice President for Biotechnology and Scientific Affairs at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University. “This will provide high quality jobs and exciting medical innovations for our community.” 

“As an anchor tenant at the BioBAT, IAVI is excited to hear about this important award by the NYCEDC to BioBAT,” said Swati Gupta, Dr.P.H., M.P.H., Vice President and Head of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Scientific Strategy at IAVI. “NYCEDC has been a great catalyst for advancing life science R&D at the BioBAT, including our own efforts in epidemic and pandemic preparedness through vaccine development at our Vaccine Design and Development Laboratory. We look forward to continued partnership and progress during this new chapter in the BioBAT’s evolution.” 

“New York City did well in converting the large military facility of the Brooklyn Army Terminal into a home for biotechnology,” said Antoine Turzi, CEO of RegenLab.  “For a foreign investor, it is beneficial to have manufacturing facilities closer to New York City as a financial center offering a good quality of life.”

Photo Courtesy of NYCEDC

BioBAT, Inc. is also seeking a new Executive Director to oversee all BioBAT operations and the implementation of this $50M expansion project, along with partner members NYCEDC and the Research Foundation for SUNY. Interested applicants can find out more information here.

“The growth of opportunities in life science industries at Brooklyn Army Terminal is a welcome step,” said Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY). “The expansion of BioBAT will help to foster entrepreneurship in the biosciences and advanced manufacturing, and I would also like to see an expansion in workforce development and educational opportunities for our local communities. I look forward to working with the next Executive Director to further this mission.” 

“Brooklyn is an exciting and growing hub for emerging industries, and we need to continue fostering that growth as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The life sciences sector not only has the potential to boost good-paying jobs in the borough, it can also contribute invaluably to our understanding of emerging diseases, helping to stop the next pandemic before it begins,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. “That’s why I’m proud to partner with EDC to invest in BioBAT, an exciting facility at the Brooklyn Army Terminal that will help establish our city as a global leader in life sciences and biotechnology. This new investment, coupled with $1.5 million in capital funding that I have put toward this project, represents a strong commitment from the City to growing this sector and ensuring we remain ahead of the curve on both economic development and public health.”  

“As we chart a recovery for all from the COVID-19 pandemic, and while working families are still bearing the brunt of its impact, we must work with key partners to provide a continuum of support at BAT for scientists and their emerging technologies not just to spur economic growth but also to save lives and improve the quality of life for my constituents and beyond,” said Council Member Carlos Menchaca. “The infuse of $50 million will move our district closer to creating a STEM and green economy for all.” 

“I am excited about the BioBAT upcoming lab space upgrade and our expanded LifeSci NYC initiative,” said Council Member Carlina Rivera, Chair of the Committee on Hospitals. “This represents exactly the sort of investments we need to be making to support the growth of burgeoning industries here in New York City. By investing in scientific research and advanced manufacturing, BioBAT engages the broader community in developing a Life Sciences workforce for the future.” 

Over the next decade, New York City will expand its investment to $1 billion to develop the life sciences industry by launching new commitments as part of LifeSci NYC. The program will invest an additional: 

  • $200 million in City investment to support the construction of much-needed commercial lab space and incubators 
  • $300 million in City capital to support nonprofit facilities to spur new research that translates into companies, jobs, medicines, and advanced technologies 
  • $5 million to enhance the Life Sciences Expansion Fund to support early stage companies 
  • $5 million to expand the LifeSci NYC Internship program to develop the city’s life sciences talent pipeline 


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About BioBAT 
BioBAT works to support the advancement of the life science industry in New York City by providing facilities and resources for scientific research and advanced manufacturing at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. BioBAT is helping New York City to attract and retain promising research firms and develop a skilled 21st Century workforce. BioBAT is a partnership created by the Research Foundation for SUNY, on behalf of Downstate Health Sciences University, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation. 

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