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A South Carolina Police Department Gets Trolled On Facebook After They Congratulated Officers For A Marijuana Bust

A police department in South Carolina is getting trolled after commending their officers for confiscating a firearm and a “sizable quantity of marijuana.”

“Drugs breed violent crime,” Williamston Police Department wrote in a Facebook post Thursday, highlighting the work of three officers. “Thanks to the hard work and dedication of these officers, a sizable quantity of marijuana along with a firearm were removed from the streets of Williamston tonight. We would like to show our appreciation to these officers for making our community a little safer tonight through nothing less than an outstanding job!”

Underneath the congratulatory post, however, Facebook users left some pretty sarcastic responses, mocking both the officers and their “outstanding job.”

“Oh… did you steal someone’s meds?” one user wrote.

“Dang, good thing they confiscated that lanyard. Could’ve really ruined someone’s life with that,” another commenter said.

“This post is one of those group projects you did in school but because you and the other two students turned it in at the last minute and now y’all looking kind of silly for doing the bare minimum and expecting an A but the teacher gives y’all a C- instead,” a user commented. 

In a follow-up post, Williamston Police Department Chief Tony Taylor acknowledged the criticism they had been receiving and commended the officers for being “vigilant.”

“I want to commend our officers for being professional, being diligent and making our communities safe,” he said in a video statement, before mentioning the influx of negative comments regarding the marijuana bust. “We have gotten negative hits from that particular post and the majority of those have been from people who are out of state that are pushing for legalizing marijuana.”

“But currently here in South Carolina, in this state, marijuana is against the law and we will continue to enforce the laws of this state until it is otherwise deemed that it is lawful,” he added.

Taylor’s post drew even more scrutiny, with people noting its cringy nature and outlandish sentiments. 

“Way to ruin a south Carolina citizens life over nothing. Its such a small amount, illegal or not. Seizing the offenders vehicle and bringing felony charges will ruin that persons life over something trivial. Great job, such heroes,” a Facebooker commented. 

“Nice ass grabbing post, good to know you’re wasting time and money on a bag of marijuana and one pistol,” another user commented.

According to the News & Observer, South Carolina has not legalized marijuana for neither medical nor recreational use. 

The Senate Medical Affairs Committee passed bill S.150, or the South Carolina Compassionate Cares Act in May, but the bill did not reach the governor’s desk. The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Tom Davis, (R-SC), could legalize marijuana for medical use if it advances and becomes law. A second vote is anticipated for Jan 2022, when the South Carolina Senate reconvenes.

The findings in a 2019 poll conducted by Benchmark Research shows that 72% out of 400 South Carolinians polled support legalizing medical marijuana, including 84% of Democrats, 78% of independents and 63 percent of Republicans, The State reported

“That’s a good, solid number,” medical marijuana supporter Bill Nettles, a Democrat who was appointed by then-President Barack Obama to serve as U.S. attorney from 2010 to 2016, said of the 72% statewide result.

“That’s what we’re seeing,” he said. “Government officials need to get out of the way of the will of the people.”

If the bill passes, The South Carolina Compassionate Care Act would allow non-smokable forms of pot for people with illnesses, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, sickle cell anemia and autism, according to WBTW.

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